Warm & Safe Heated Pant Liner

Warm & Safe Heated Pant Liner

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The heated pant liner is designed to deliver serious heat in an instant in any weather and should always be used in conjunction with a Heat-Troller for maximum enjoyment. Designed with an exclusive dual-zone heating system so that you can use the single or the dual Heat-Troller without rewiring the liner. The liner is rated at about 45 watts at 128 volts. Can you use the liner when it’s raining out? Yes! DC power will not shock you if your liner were to get wet.

The heated pant liner is form fitting for optimum heat transfer to body. Spandex fabric allows full range of movement for any activity and fits easily under your outer garments. Performance fabric wicks moistures away from skin and has anti-bacterial treatment to prevent odors. Heated zones cover thigh and knee.

It is designed to fit fairly close to the body for maximum heat transfer. It’s been built to be as temperature neutral as possible so that you can leave home wearing your gear and not have to dress by the side of the road when you get cold! In it’s own extensive testing, it’s been found that the liner can be comfortable in up to 70* weather.

Note: Heat-Troller required for full functionality of pant liner. Sold separately, also available for purchase from BMWMCSEM.

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