BMW Club Links

BMW Riders Association (RA):

The BMW RA is an international community of BMW riders focused on the machine, the marque and the company that makes it all work. It is our mission to enhance the BMW motorcycling experience for our members and provide a forum on the history, current offerings and the future of the marque.

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA):

A group of 32,000 BMW motorcycle enthusiasts who started with the same spark for motorcycling that you did.  Our history dates back over 40 years to five friends who formed a motorcycle club to stay in touch with each other.

Michigan Sport Touring Riders (MSTR):

Founded in 2016, MSTR has nearly 200 active participants. While our riders own all makes and models of motorcycles, from Aprilia to Yamaha, our common bond is our passion for riding.