BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan Serves Detroit Michigan

With regular riding, motorcycles withstand substantial amounts of wear and tear and require routine maintenance and repairs. If your motorcycle needs service or if you’re in the market for a new or used bike, visit BMW Motorcycles Southeast Michigan.

We’re your premier BMW motorcycle dealer in the Detroit region.

Why Choose BMW Motorcycles Southeast Michigan?

Our team at BMW Motorcycles Southeast Michigan has helped countless riders get on the road. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist in selecting the right parts, ensuring you end up with replacements that match your motorcycle.

We offer a massive, diverse array, excellent prices, and unmatched service. Whether you need a few repair parts to get your motorcycle running smoothly again or are looking for a brand new bike, we have what you’re looking for at our BMW motorcycle Detroit location!

Massive Inventory Of New And Used BMW Motorcycles

If you’re looking for your next motorcycle, drop by for a visit at our Plymouth, MI location! We have an unparalleled selection of brand-new models in varying colors and configurations. Whether you’re looking for a new motorcycle or one with a few miles under its belt, we have the bike you’re looking for!

Diverse Array Of Bikes Available Now

Our online catalog offers everything you need. We have hundreds of in-stock bikes, so you can get riding now without waiting for shipping. Browse the catalog for readily available inventory.

Fast Shipping On Online Purchases

If we don’t have the specific part in stock, we offer fast, easy shipping to get you back on the road in no time. Ordering parts online is straightforward with our parts catalog, and it features parts diagrams for every classic and modern BMW motorcycle.

Categories encompass any BMW motorcycle, ensuring you get the parts you need for your BMW. A few categories include the cooling system, brakes, frame and mounting, electrical system, transmission, and suspension.

In addition, we also offer parts for the exhaust or engine system, body equipment, wheels and tires, and motorcycle accessories and gear.

Simply select your bike, browse through the diagrams, and place your order online. The customized search option allows you to view parts in any particular category that work with your motorcycle.

Once you find the part you need, click on it to view detailed information surrounding what’s readily available, prices, parts numbers, and more. After you place your order, our parts team will have your order processed and shipped as quickly as possible to serve your needs better.

Quick And Efficient Repairs

If you prefer to have a BMW-certified technician handle the repairs, consider having one of our technicians help you get back on the road. Our BMW-certified technicians in Detroit are quick and efficient, which helps us keep our labor rates low. In addition, our massive parts inventory mitigates delays.

Plus, with our pickup and delivery service, we make getting routine maintenance easy for you.

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The ‘23 S 1000 RR is all the rage this year. Don’t wait. More units arriving soon. Visit us in store, click, or call 734.453.0500 today.

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Michigan’s most exciting and fun superbike event returns for 2023! We’re once again bringing you a stunning collection of superbikes from all around the country, stunt shows by BMW brand ambassador @teachmcneil , mobile dyno shootout, food trucks, and of course we’ll have the BMW full line demo truck offering test rides all day long.

Mark your calendars NOW. Saturday, June 17th. You don’t want to miss this! We can’t wait to see you! Use the link in our profile description for more info.

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We have officially returned to our normal, non-winter hours as of TODAY, March 6.

Riding season is just right around the corner. Therefore, we are now open 6 days a week to better serve you. Whether you need tires, an oil and filter change, or are looking to install that new performance exhaust system, NOW is the time to give us a call at 734.453.0500 to schedule your service appointment today.

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The RR is now even more focused and more precisely geared towards pure performance, and is the perfect base for you to create the perfect masterpiece.

RR’s are in stock with more arriving soon. Don’t wait. Visit us in store, click, or call 734.453.0500 today.

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Join us this Saturday, Feb. 25th starting at noon when we’ll be hosting the MSTR and their Motorcycle Swap Meet.

Take this opportunity to connect with like-minded enthusiasts to shop for or sell gear, luggage, parts and accessories.

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Right now, we are offering the fun, rugged, and reliable BMW R 1250 GS Adventure with no payments for 90 days, zero down, at just $284/month out the door!* BMW’s awesome ADV just got more exiting thanks to this offer.

Visit us in store, click, or call 734.453.0500 today!

*see image disclaimer for full details.

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This GS has some BITE! It’s not everyday you hear a GS that purrs like this, not to mention how good it looks!

BMWMCSEM is the best place to purchase your next GS. Visit us in store, click, or call 734.453.0500 today!

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