Warm & Safe Heat Layer Shirt

Warm & Safe Heat Layer Shirt

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The heat layer is designed to be worn next to the skin, like a base layer. You can wear it over a t-shirt if you want. It’s been designed to be as temperature neutral as possible, so you can leave in the morning wearing it and not have to change clothing on the side of the road later in the day.

This version of the Heat Layer has 7 areas of heat. Heat covering the chest and lower front, heated arms, heated collar, heat in the upper back and the lower back. It also has connections at the end of the sleeves for gloves or glove liners.

The heat layer is designed to deliver serious heat in an instant and should always be used in conjunction with a Remote Heat-Troller for maximum enjoyment.

Can you use the heat layer when it’s raining out? Yes! DC power will not shock you if your heat layer gets wet

Note: Heat-Troller required for full functionality of heated shirt. Sold separately, also available for purchase from BMWMCSEM.