BMW Motorrad M Engine Protectors

BMW Motorrad M Engine Protectors

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SKU: 77149830123/77149830124

Aluminum and plastic case sliders offer enhanced protection against abrasion damage to engine parts and the engine damage that it can cause.

The M engine protector from BMW Motorrad is made of aluminum and equipped with a replaceable plastic slip pad. It protects the engine from direct grinding on the asphalt in extreme cornering situations and thus reliably prevents the engine components from being ground to the core as well as the engine from being damaged as a result.
Kit Contains:
77149830123 LH Engine Protector
77149830124 RH Engine Protector 
Product Details

  • High-quality aluminium engine protector with mounted slip pad.
  • Robust plastic pad, can be replaced when worn down.
  • Reliable protection of the engine against grinding to the core due to contact with the road.
  • Perfectly matched to the design of the motorcycle.
  • Delivery specification: one M engine protector, left.

Fits 2020 and newer S1000RR and S1000R models and M1000R and M1000RR models.