Mid Ohio Raceway – Track Day

Date(s) - 06/11/2023
All Day

Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

We are excited to announce the first of three track days for 2023! For the first time, BMW Motorcycles Southeast MI will be heading to the historic and legendary Mid Ohio Sports Car Course located in Lexington, Ohio. We know you’ve all been waiting for this announcement, so mark your calendars now! Tickets cost just $250 and includes catered lunch.

Please select your experience level and use the PayPal link below to purchase. 


See below for Bike and Rider Gear requirements:

  • Bike Preparation
    • All bikes MUST pass technical inspection prior to being permitted on to the track. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure their bike meets these requirements. If a bike fails tech inspection, it may be presented for re-inspection at any time. If a bike is involved in a crash, it must be re-inspected prior to being permitted on to the track. No refunds will be made for bikes which fail to pass tech inspection or are unable to complete the day.
    • All bikes must be prepared to endure high speeds on track. All parts must be fastened securely and adjusted correctly.
    • All fuel, coolant, hydraulic and lubrication systems must be fluid tight. Fluid leaks on the track shorten everyone’s day.
    • Intermediate and Advanced Group bikes must use a non-ethylene glycol coolant. Water and/or water wetter, or propylene glycol solutions such as Evans, Engine Ice, Liquid Performance, or 7th gear, are permitted.
    • Intermediate and Advanced Group bikes must have oil drain plugs, oil filler caps, oil filters, or any filler/drain for any fluid system secured with safety wire. Application of RTV silicone will be accepted in Novice only.
    • Oil filters: K&N, Hiflo, or Vortex oil filters with a spot-welded nut will NOT be permitted.
    • Tires must be in good condition, without signs of excessive wear.
    • Tire valves must have caps and wheel weights must be taped.
    • Brakes must be in good working order with a minimum of 1.5mm of pad remaining.
    • Discs must not be excessively worn or loose.
    • All bikes must have a functioning, well-marked engine cut-off switch on the handlebar near the right hand grip.
    • Throttles must operate smoothly and be self-closing.
    • Any glass or plastic lenses must be taped completely.
    • Mirrors and turn indicators are permitted in the Novice Group only. All others must be removed.
    • License plates must be removed or have bolts taped.
    • Center stands are not permitted in the Intermediate and Advanced Groups and we recommend removing them for the Novice Group.
  • Rider Gear Requirements
    • All riders must wear a damage-free full-face helmet with a properly fitted face shield. DOT certification is a minimum requirement. SNELL, ECE, or other enhanced certification is recommended. Modular (flip-up) helmets are permitted in Novice Group only.
    • Full-finger, full wrist coverage gauntlet style gloves are required.
    • All riders must wear sturdy over the ankle boots. Riding boots are required for Intermediate and Advanced groups.
    • All riders must wear one or two-piece suits with substantial reinforcement and padding in critical areas (knees, elbows, shoulders, and back at a minimum.)
    • Novice Group riders must wear one or two piece leather or textile suits. It is recommended that two-piece suits provide attachment between jacket and pants.
    • Intermediate and Advanced Group riders must wear one or two piece leather suits designed for motorcycle use. Two-piece leathers must provide at least 50% attachment between jacket and pants.
    • Intermediate and Advanced Group riders must wear a back protector designed for motorcycle competition in lieu of, or in addition to, the standard back padding in their suit.
    • One-piece leathers are available to rent ($100/day) for full-day programs.  See https://www.ssgear.com/mens-size-charts for sizing information. All other gear must be provided by the rider.

We look forward to hitting the track together.