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Genuinely made for the race track but also suitable for everyday road traffic. For all sports enthusiasts who are always looking for a new challenge. The BMW S1000RR provides sporty riding pleasure and 100% performance through consistent optimizations where it really matters.

BMW Motorcycles Southeast Michigan is Michigan’s #1 volume dealer and home of the S1000RR. We employ 4 full time technicians to ensure quick service turn around and can order and install any parts or accessories you need. Visit us at 14855 Sheldon Rd. Plymouth, MI 48170 or call 734.453.0500 for more information!

Engine and drivetrain

The new BMW S1000RR features a revised 4-cylinder in-line engine and delivers 205 hp at 13,000 rpm  and a maximum torque of 83 lb-ft. at 11,000 rpm, unchanged in the U.S. from the outgoing model’s power and torque figures. The maximum engine speed is 14,600 rpm. Increased rear wheel traction in all gears is provided by a shorter secondary gear ratio through the use of a sprocket with 46 instead of 45 teeth.

The cylinder head with new intake port geometry is modelled on the M RR engine. With the aim of achieving optimum power delivery across the entire rev range, the intake ducts have been redesigned as well. They feature the advanced channel geometry as used in the M RR but have a cast surface instead of milled as on the M RR.

BMW ShiftCam Technology

The advanced BMW S1000RR engine is equipped with BMW ShiftCam Technology for varying the valve timing and the valve stroke on the intake side. This is a three-part intake shift camshaft that has two cams mounted on a shift segment for each valve to be actuated: a torque cam and a power cam, each with optimally designed cam geometry. The shift speed of the BMW ShiftCam of the new BMW S1000RR is 9,000 rpm, same as before.

By means of an axial displacement of the cam segment, the inlet valves are shifted from either the torque cam or the power cam in just 10 milliseconds, depending on the load and speed. The axial displacement of the cam segment and thus the use of torque or power cam is affected via two shift cams on the cam segment and two electromechanical actuators. The different design of the cam geometry is used to vary the timing and the valve lift. While the full-load cam provides maximum valve lift, the partial-load cam delivers reduced valve lift.

The benefits of BMW ShiftCam Technology include:

  • Increased torque in the low and medium speed range while preserving peak output.
  • Optimum design of partial-load cam geometry for the low to medium load and engine speed range.
  • Reduced load change loss in the partial load range.
  • Reduced exhaust emissions and optimized sound.

Ride modes and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with new Slide Control

The BMW S 1000 RR features two distinct sets of riding modes: For street and for the track. The four standard modes include “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Race”, while the optional “Pro Modes” offers “Race Pro 1”, “Race Pro 2” and “Race Pro 3”. The latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with 6-axis sensor cluster, lean angle sensor and fine adjustment for even more safety and performance when accelerating are also standard.

The new feature of Dynamic Traction Control DTC is the Slide Control function. The central component of Slide Control is the steering angle sensor. Based on its signal, together with the wheel speeds and the sensor box signals, the slip angle at the rear wheel (“drift angle”) is estimated.


One of the main areas of focus in the development of the BMW S1000RR was aerodynamics. This area has played a central role in both MotoGP and in the Superbike World Championship for several years now, with the aim of improving lap times even further. While for decades the developers of racing motorcycles concentrated almost exclusively on aerodynamic resistance (“drag”) and thus essentially on the best achievable top speed, today the focus is on other aerodynamic aspects for Superbikes and MotoGP bikes with outputs of well over 200 hp.

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